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Adapting your CV for contracting roles

It can be hard applying for jobs, that’s common knowledge. Getting your CV done and dusted is a massive achievement, but applying for dozens of different roles with the exact same version will drastically reduce your chance of success.

Adapting your CV for temp and contract roles will make the relevant parts stand out, making you a more desirable candidate, simply because employers may be looking for different things in a temp.

The same presentation rules apply when writing a CV for temporary positions, but there are some elements that may need tweaking if you’re to make your CV stand out to a hiring manager who requires certain attributes. Consider the following:

Highlight your ‘temp’ skills

There are certain credentials (flexibility, fast-learner) that will make you stand out as a good candidate for a temporary position. These should be in a prominent position, so the hiring manager sees them when they first scan your CV over. However, be wary of falling into the CV cliché trap; avoid listing buzz words that employers will see on other CVs.


Keep experience relevant

Ensuring your CV isn’t too varied is essential when applying for temporary roles. You’re not expected to do much learning on the job, rather to come in and make an immediate difference. So, consider each job specification when adapting your CV for temp and contract roles and make the relevant changes for each position.


Stand out from the crowd

Simply listing your skills and experience isn’t a very effective way of getting yourself noticed. Use real life examples from past experience, stating what action you took and what result you got.

Adapting your CV for temp and contract roles doesn’t have to mean a complete re-write of your existing CV, but you should make sure you’re not leaving out the desirable qualities you have that align with temp working.

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