There are many advantages to hiring contract, interim or temporary talent.

Contracting offers the opportunity to quickly hire someone with specialist skills, or to bolster a department in the short term. Invariably, the experienced contract talent brings a new level of enthusiasm and energy into a company: they are there for the short term and both you and they can make the most of their input, without the need for extra training. 

They can also bring new skill sets, which may prove beneficial to your business.  Perhaps you need to cover for a valued staff member while they take a break, or foresee a busy period when you need an extra hand.  And given market volatility, short-term contractors provide the ideal opportunity to assess market shifts and future needs and opportunities. There are also tax advantages to be gained from hiring contractors. 

Trial new staff members or positions.

Hiring potential permanent workers on a contract basis allows you to assess how that individual might fit within your company environment. If you’re considering expanding your business you can trial a new full-time role without making a long-term commitment.

Shorter notice periods.

If your organisation experiences a sudden change or a project finishes sooner than expected you do not have to maintain your contract, temporary and interim talent. Short notice periods mean your workforce can be adjusted to your business’ needs.

Financial savings. You only pay for what you get.

Hiring professionals on a contract basis can protect your bottom line as you only pay for the hours worked, without performance rewards or company bonuses.  In addition, our payment plans allow you to pay as you go, rather than in one lump sum.

Fast impact.

Contracting is often available to start at short notice. At Page Personnel, we pride ourselves on a fast turnaround, sometimes as little as a day. In addition, we help you find highly skilled professionals who can hit the ground running. Short-term talent provides an immediate solution: one that can have an immediate impact.

Your dedicated  Page Personnel contracting consultants are committed to matching the right professional to the right temporary, contract or interim position. Call upon the expertise of the specialist team at Page Personnel, so we can select the right candidate from the vast specialist talent pool available to us.

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