Recruitment Agency with Marketing Specialists

Marketing is an important part of any organisation, whether the needs are based in CRM, digital, social media or marketing communications. As such it’s important to find the right marketing candidates for open roles. Page Personnel Singapore is a recruitment agency that has both the expertise and the extensive network to help companies fill these essential roles, whether you're looking for an entry-level candidate, or a professional with a few years of experience under their belt.

Many of our recruiters come from marketing backgrounds themselves, which allows them to truly understand the hard and soft skill requirements of all marketing roles, from brand and design to advertising, to product marketing. Our large network stretches globally, and extends to regional knowledge and local expertise, allowing us to match top-quality marketing candidates with organisations looking to hire the best marketing talent on the market.

Working with companies all sizes from startups up to MNCs, our recruiters take a consultative approach to hiring. We first meet with each organisation to understand hiring needs, define the exact skillsets we’re looking for, and establishing what the ideal marketing professional looks like. As digital transformation begins to change the marketing industry as a whole, we are constantly redefining what makes a successful Marketing professional, and how we can help match them up with our business partners. 

Our Marketing recruitment expertise

We work with companies across industries to find the best marketing professionals to fill open Marketing jobs in Singapore like these:

  • Advertising Agency
  • Brand and Design
  • CRM
  • Digital, Online & Social Media
  • Exhibitions / Events
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Research
  • Retail
  • Sponsorship
  • Creative
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing/Director/VP
  • Product Manager
  • Product Marketing
  • Public Relations / Corporate Communication
  • Shopper Marketing

Reach the very best people

Forward-thinking attraction methods cover the market

Perfect fit for your business

Candidates fully vetted against all requirements

Fast placement

Reduced time to hire with our targeted approach