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Singapore's hottest industry trends

The World Economic Forum recently crowned Singapore as the most competitive nation in the world, beating out commercial hubs in the region like Hong Kong (3rd) and Japan (6th) for the coveted title. The US, the most competitive nation in 2018 according to the same report, had to settle for the second place this time.

With that said, Singapore’s leadership position is not a certainty, especially considering the uncertain socio-political and economical climate in the region and the world at large. When change is the only currency, the only way for Singapore to chart a course for the new decade is to know where the country is at this very moment.


The Market Movers series presents an unprecedented look into five of Singapore’s most influential industries: legal, retail, technology, financial services, as well as fast-moving consumer goods.

In the following articles, discover the myriad challenges and opportunities in each market segment, find out about the latest labour market trends and learn how Singapore plans to steer itself in the decade ahead.

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