The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect companies throughout all industries of Singapore, but slowly, conversations in the workplace begin to include more thoughts on recovery. Companies are beginning to look at next steps and who they need in place to help move them into the next phase of growth. 

Within this conversation, contractors are emerging as an attractive option, even for companies that rarely used contractors before. Giving companies the ability to hire on a short-term, contract basis, contractors are an ideal solution for uncertain staffing needs. From a professionals’ viewpoint, taking up contract jobs can be an advantage, as they wait for more full-time jobs to open up, or as they take advantage of the flexibility that contract work gives. 

Contract professionals are in high demand and may find opportunities for higher pay. For those considering contracting as an option, here are the five most popular industries in Singapore with the highest number of contracting jobs available. 

Technology and Telecoms

It may not be surprising that contracting roles in technology and telecoms are among the top available in Singapore right now. Companies were either already prioritising digital and technology projects or had to suddenly prioritise these projects, resulting in high demand for contractors in this area. There are many types of roles available including Project Managers, Developers, Analysts and other Engineers. Contract roles in these types of positions generally run from 6 months to a year, and in many cases have the option to renew or possibly turn into long term positions after the contract is up. 

Financial Services

There are a variety of roles in the financial services industries for contract workers, ranging from financial analysts, account specialists and data analysts. Contractors are in high demand in this area as companies adjust their headcount requirements or hire specialists for specific project rollouts. These contracts usually run from 6 months to a year, with an option to renew if necessary. 

Business Services

There are a variety of contract roles in Business Services in Singapore due to uncertain economic times, as companies work out their hiring needs. Contract jobs in business services range from Engineers, Accountants, and HR Operations Managers. 


Contracting roles within FMCG vary greatly, as organisations in FMCG need people in a variety of functions and specialisations. From accounting to administration to supply chain analysts, contractors can find interesting roles within FMCG in Singapore. 


There is high demand for contract professionals within the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Contract jobs include Supply Chain executives, Facilities specialists and in technology roles such as Developers and Engineers. 

Skills companies are looking for

Companies who are hiring for contract workers have differing technical requirements, but there are several skills that all companies are looking for in a temporary or contract workers: 

  • Ability to jump right in

Hired on a contract basis, contractors are usually expected to have short onboarding periods and to be able to jump right into the project they were hired for. Being able to quickly find your key stakeholders, identify important objectives and overall launch quickly into the project at hand is a valuable skill. 

  • Strong communication skills

Strong communication skills are essential for contract professionals, especially as they may be expected to handle communications with people from different departments, projects and at different levels within the organisation. 

  • Initiative and drive

The nature of contract work favors those who are self-motivated and take the initiative to find new and creative solutions for projects they are working on. Professionals who are internally driven will find more success as a contractor, as the company will focus more on project orientation, rather than taking longer with a more traditional onboarding process. 

  • Specialised experience

Many contract professionals are hired for a very specific set of skills and experience. The more specialised the better as they can approach projects with the required knowledge to add value. 

While the five industries listed above are those that have the most demand for contract professionals at the moment, virtually any professional with the right skillset can find contract work if they choose. Freelancing and contracting work is becoming an increasingly viable career option for professionals who are looking for an alternative career path. 

See all our contracting jobs in Singapore here.

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