Contract work is having its moment. Those who have decided to become career contractors are enjoying their increasingly abundant opportunities that are coming along with the rise of the gig economy. Other professionals are eyeing contracting as a viable long-term career choice, and in an uncertain market, companies are turning to hiring employees for short-term, project-based stints instead of only hiring long-term employees. 

This is one major impact of the current COVID-19 situation: contractors everywhere are finding that they are in higher demand than ever. And while the perception is that contract work is only for entry-level professionals, those who have become specialists throughout a long career can also find rewarding contract work - and be paid as well as, if not better than full-time roles. 

This means that professionals with all levels of experience who are looking for an interesting alternative to full time work should give contracting a try - and see where it leads them. Ask yourself a few questions first about whether or not contracting is for you - and then kick off your contracting career.

As a reference for where contracting can take you, here are some of the top paid contracting jobs in Singapore in 2020. 

Best paying contracting jobs in IT

Technology and IT professionals are currently in high demand as digital transformation moves to the top of every company’s priority list. These are some of the contracting jobs in IT that are currently commanding the highest salaries in Singapore:

  • IT Scrum Masters
  • IT Project or Programme managers
  • IT Architects
  • IT Development Managers

Best paying contracting jobs in Finance

Finance is a sector that has changed a lot in the last 5 years and will continue to change and innovate. Once a very traditional field, Finance roles are shifting and more and more seasoned Finance professionals are becoming contractors and specialists. 

Here are a few of the highest paid roles that we have seen in Singapore.

  • Financial Controllers can make from S$10,000-15,0000 per month 
  • Change Management Leads could command up to $S10,000
  • Financial Transformation Leads can make from $S10,000-$S15,000 per month.
  • CFO bridge gap roles can make from S$16,000-S$20,000 per month. 

Best paying contracting jobs in HR

As a human resources professional, you can most likely find a good amount of contract work, at any experience level. Of course, the more senior you are, the higher salary you can command. A Human Resources Director who is contracting can expect a salary of around S$10,000 per month. 

Best paying contracting jobs in secretarial

Secretarial and administrative roles are essential to organisations and in many cases, companies hire administrative professionals on a contract basis, either to meet increased needs at certain times of the year, or to trial a headcount before getting the full approval. Executive Assistants within Singapore who are contractors can expect a high monthly salary. 

Bridge roles in contracting

Across the board, some of the highest paying contract jobs have been those in “bridge roles” or interim roles in which one senior level professional is leaving the company, and they hire a contractor to help with the handover - while they take their time with a longer search and recruitment process that is usually required for executive and managerial roles. 

Contracting is becoming an increasingly viable career path for professionals at all levels of experience from those first starting out, all the way up to career specialists who have been in the industry for years. 

For more information on contracting opportunities in Singapore, please see our contracting page. 

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