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As the world hurtles towards an uncertain future, Gen Z and millennials are forging their path in the ever-evolving job market, armed with unique skills, digital prowess, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

These tech-savvy cohorts are redefining career success, prioritising job satisfaction alongside financial gain, and shattering traditional notions of high-paying careers. In a landscape where innovation reigns supreme, they are seeking positions that offer lucrative salaries and the opportunity to make a meaningful social impact.

Top 10 highest-paying manager jobs in Singapore

The employment outlook in Singapore presents diverse opportunities across industries, reinforcing the importance of agility and continuous learning for individuals seeking to thrive in the dynamic job market.

The following is a list of the best-paying managerial jobs in Singapore, derived from our 2023 Page Insights Salary Guide, For those looking to take their careers to the next level.

The list features a selection of managerial positions in our salary guide and helps job seekers identify sectors that can offer competitive salary packages.

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1. Finance Transformation Manager

A finance transformation manager can earn an annual salary of S$180,000 in the Industrial and Manufacturing industry. In FMCG and Retail, the same position can make from S$150,000 to S$180,000, and S$150,000 in the Technology sector.

This role drives the reformation of financial processes and systems within an organisation. They lead initiatives to enhance financial efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Leveraging change management tools and techniques, they influence and facilitate organisational and business modifications related to finance, ensuring alignment with enterprise objectives.

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2. Indirect Procurement Manager

An indirect procurement manager commands a yearly salary of S$170,000 in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector. Those in the same role working in Financial Services, and Industrial and Manufacturing earn S$120,000 annually, and those in FMCG and Retail earn up to S$108,000.

An indirect procurement manager focuses on acquiring services and goods not directly incorporated into the company’s products. They identify potential suppliers, negotiate payment terms, and oversee contracts for office supplies, utilities, and third-party services. This role involves monitoring supplier performance and ensuring that contractual obligations are met.

(Browse indirect procurement roles.)

3. Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics Manager

A business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics manager can earn an annual salary of S$90,000 in Financial Services, S$160,000 in Healthcare and Life Sciences, and S$127,000 in FMCG and Retail.

The role analyses data to drive business goals and insights. This position uses various statistical methodologies to monitor user behaviour, cover market trends, improve security, solve quantitative business issues and increase profitability. 

(Browse data analytics roles.)

4. IT Security Manager

An IT security manager commands a yearly salary of S$155,000 in the Industrial and Manufacturing industry.

The growth of internet interconnections and AI developments has led to a significant increase in cyberattacks. Naturally, that has led to a demand for IT security professionals. The job involves risk management to protect a business’s data and information from cyber-attacks, threats or unauthorised access.

(Browse IT security roles.)

5. Data Architect

A data architect commands a yearly salary of S$148,000 in the Technology sector. Those in the same role working in Financial Services earn S$144,000 annually, and those in Industrial and Manufacturing earn up to S$140,000.

The demand for data scientists is high because data can serve many purposes. For instance, cosmetics companies can use customer data to better manage product production and distribution, and financial companies can use data to analyse potential stocks and investments.

Corporations can use personalised data to understand their businesses and customers and make better decisions. Data scientists also require business abilities like strategic thinking, business analysis and soft skills.

6. Business Development Manager

The business development manager commands a yearly salary of S$132,000 in Healthcare and Life Sciences, and a senior business development manager earns the same salary in FMCG and Retail. On top of that, the business development manager earns S$90,000 in FMCG and Retail.

The role is crucial in generating new business opportunities for a company. Acting primarily as a sales professional, the BDM identifies potential partners, reaches out to them, and pitches the company’s services or products. They are responsible for nurturing these relationships, ensuring mutual benefits, and being the primary point of contact for partnerships.

In addition to client acquisition, BDMs often manage existing client relations to ensure long-term retention. Their day-to-day activities involve strategic planning, market research, and cross-functional collaboration within the company to align business objectives with market opportunities.

(Browse business development roles.)

7. Logistics Manager

A logistics manager earns a yearly salary of S$120,000 in the Industrial and Manufacturing, and FMCG and Retail industries.

The role oversees the efficient and effective movement of goods and services within a supply chain. They act as the vital link connecting sellers, suppliers, shipping vendors, and customers. Their primary role includes coordinating complex plans to ensure that products are delivered to their final destination on time. This often involves managing transportation, inventory, warehousing, and order fulfilment.

They are problem solvers who utilise data analytics and performance metrics to optimise routes, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain efficiency. Their role is crucial for achieving customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

(Browse logistics roles.)

8. Senior Brand Manager

A senior brand manager commands a yearly salary of S$114,000 in the FMCG and Retail sector. In contrast, a brand manager in the same industry can earn between S$90,000 and S$98,000, and an assistant brand manager earns up to S$84,500. Plus, a brand manager working in Technology earns S$96,000.

This position shapes and maintains a brand’s image and positioning within the market. Leveraging research and analysis, they define the brand’s value proposition, personality, and voice to connect with target audiences effectively. They coordinate with multiple departments, like marketing, sales, and product development, to ensure a cohesive brand experience across various touchpoints.

They also monitor market trends and consumer behaviour to adapt strategies accordingly. Brand awareness, customer engagement, and market share are commonly tracked to assess the brand’s performance and inform future strategy.

(Browse brand manager roles.)

9. Sales Manager

A sales manager commands a yearly salary of S$100,000 in the Financial Services industry.

The position serves as the leadership linchpin for the sales team, guiding it towards meeting organisational goals and objectives. They are responsible for strategising and implementing sales plans, including developing budgets and incentive programs to motivate the team. Their role extends to market analysis, where they identify opportunities for expansion into new territories.

By continuously monitoring sales metrics, they make data-driven decisions to improve sales performance and drive revenue growth. Essentially, the sales manager plays a crucial part in shaping the sales strategies that propel a company’s business objectives.

(Browse sales manager roles.)

10. Account Manager

An account manager commands a yearly salary of S$80,000 in the Industrial and Manufacturing industry.

This role serves as the vital communication bridge between a company and its clients. They are assigned specific accounts and act as the go-to person for any client-related needs, ensuring that the relationship is nurtured for the long term. Their role spans sales and customer service, and they are responsible for coordinating with various departments within the company to meet client expectations.

The Account Manager ideally remains with a client for the length of their relationship with the company, thus gaining an in-depth understanding of client needs and expectations and facilitating targeted, effective service.

(Browse account manager roles.)

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Disclaimer: Salaries can differ from one company to another, depending on your skills, knowledge and experience.

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